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Interview de Sarah Shahi dans BabyCouture


Notre jolie Sarah a été interviewée par le magazine américain Baby Couture.
La future maman s'est confiée sur sa grossesse, ses envies, ses déboires hormonaux, sa façon d'appréhender l'éducation de son fils et ses nouvelles priorités.

Comme on s'en doutait, Sarah a confirmé qu'elle ferait un break après l'arrivée de son petit garçon car pour elle, "les mères ont les rôles les plus importants et les plus grosses responsabilités dans notre société". Elle ajoute même "je reviendrai quand je le sentirai. Les films seront toujours là, mais je ne pourrai pas rattraper le temps que j'aurai perdu avec mon bébé."

Retrouvez quelques passages de l'interview (en anglais) dans la suite du post ainsi que le preview des photos exclusives que vous pourrez retrouver en HQ dans la galerie!

Pickles and ice cream have nothing on Sarah Shahi.

In the June-August issue of BabyCouture magazine the 29-year-old actress — expecting a son this summer — reveals her first trimester go-to meal: a baked potato with spinach, cheese, black beans and cottage cheese.

We would try to go out to restaurants and ended up leaving because nothing sounds as good as my potato,” she recalls. “It was a mountain of a potato!

Although husband Steve Howey thought she was “nuts,” he too became a fan once he tried her creation.

Cravings aside, Sarah’s hormones have been mostly in check. “I’m nowhere near what the stereotype is,” she says.

Every expectant mother has her moments, however! Sarah admits,

The freezer drawer had come off its wheels and I couldn’t get it back on to shut the drawer. I worked on it for a half an hour! Steve comes home and I’m sitting on the kitchen floor, in front of the freezer, crying, saying ‘Why is this happening to me? Why?’ Ahh, pregnancy.

Noting that a dad’s only real job during pregnancy is to “make sure the mother is happy,” Sarah says that Steve has been a trooper: “Basically, he’s had to come to terms with whatever I say during these 40 weeks, goes!

As for her own parental instincts, Sarah says she felt like a mom “the moment the stick turned blue.
 “Something in you just switches. You definitely don’t come first anymore.”

To that end Sarah says she’ll take a break from acting once baby boy arrives, because “mothers have one of the most important roles and responsibilities in our society.

Her timeline is open-ended. “I’ll go back when I feel the time is right,” she reveals. “Films will always be there, but you can’t get this time back with your baby.

Sarah has been making the most of that time already, talking to her bump early and often!

I believe they have huge amounts of awareness and instinct even then,” she explains. “I can’t wait to meet this little human that’s been in my belly. We’re curious to see what he looks like. Is that vain?

Even if it were, vanity isn’t behind Sarah’s ongoing commitment to physical fitness.

I believe in taking care of your body, especially when you’re pregnant, because it’s not just about you,” she says. “Studies have show that mommies who exercise during pregnancy have more responsive, quicker babies.

That said, although she often feels “like a house” Sarah finds a way to walk five miles 3-to-5 times a week, as well as swim.

Although she hopes athleticism “comes naturally” to baby-on-the-way, Sarah says that she won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t — so long as her son stays busy!

Whatever our child’s interests are, that’s what we will help him pursue. I believe in keeping children busy and active in different activities, basically whatever they gravitate towards. I don’t think it’s good to give kids too much down time. Kids need to be productive.

They also need to have “an appreciation” for things, Sarah opines. “They shouldn’t expect toys or McDonalds every time they go out, but there should be a balance,” she explains. “I think it’s also important not to deny your children either.

Of course, it’s all in the abstract until baby boy arrives! Sarah adds, “Listen to me talk! What do I know?! Ask me in a year!



Source : BabyCouture
Posté le 11 juillet 2009 à 02:04:56 CEST par PtitePom

Re: Interview de Sarah Shahi dans BabyCouture (Score: 1)
par you_will_know le 11 juillet 2009 à 11:39:50 CEST
(Profil Utilisateur)
I really admire her attitude. So many actresses jump straight back into work too soon after giving birth leaving their baby to be brought up by a nanny. I'm happy she is prepared to put her career on hold for a while to spend time with her baby.

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