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Sarah Shahi & Wolf : La 1ère photo officielle dans Life & Style

Voici enfin la photo que l'on attendait plus: Sarah Shahi et bébé Wolf, 4 mois.

L'actrice et jeune maman a posé avec son adorable petit bonhomme pour le magazine américain Life & Style. Dans l'interview illustrée par ce joli cliché, Sarah révèle qu'elle est complètement accro à son fils, à qui elle a donné naissance en juillet chez elle, Tina Kennard-style.

Elle s'émerveille de tout ce qu'il fait (allant même jusqu'à s'extasier devant les petites bulles à la surface de l'eau de bain lorsque le bébé fait des prouts...) et reconnaît être en mode zombie, puisqu'elle a opté pour le no-nanny.
Elle explique également l'origine du surnom "Wolf" donné à William, qui, croyez-le ou non, vient... des dents de vampires du papa, Steve Howey.

Cliquez vite sur la suite du post pour lire l'interview accordée en novembre à L&S.

When Sarah Shahi looks back on 2009, she’ll likely remember it as the year she added tons of new roles to her résumé.

Besides landing a starring part in the new USA series Facing Kate, the Life and L Word alum eloped with actor Steve Howey in Las Vegas on February 6th.

Then, five months and two days later, she and her new hubby welcomed their son, William Wolf.

“In a matter of seconds, you’re handed this life that you’re responsible for, and I was totally nervous,” the 29-year-old told Life & Style during an exclusive interview at the family’s LA home on November 11th.

“It’s a lot of trial and error. I still feel like a child myself!”

But she’s happily adjusting to life as a grown-up.

“Wolf is delicious,” Sarah raves. “Everything he does is adorable — even his little farts in the bathtub. The tiny little bubbles that come up? They’re so cute! I am such a mom.”

At one point, though, Sarah cringed at the thought of having a baby.

“I came from a single parent household,” she explains. “And I had a bad example of what a husband and father could be and how irresponsible a father could be. So because of that I didn’t want to get married or have kids.”

A negligent dad is something she never has to worry about with hands-on, protective Steve, 32, who helped deliver Wolf during Sarah’s at-home water birth. “When I look at him as a father, he’s so sexy to me,” she says. “It’s such a turn-on to watch him with the baby.”

In fact, the couple’s passion is what inspired their son’s unusual moniker. “Steve kind of has these fangs,” Sarah says. “I said, ‘Has anyone ever told you that you look like a wolf?’ I called him Wolfie. So when we were struggling with names, we decided Wolf would be sentimental and meaningful.”

And perhaps a sign of the active little animal who’s had nannyless Sarah functioning on four hours of sleep for the past four months.

“I don’t have enough hours in the day to get things done between being a mom, working on the show, working out and trying to be a dutiful wife,” she says. “I’m in zombie mode all the time!”

Source: Life & Style

Posté le 03 décembre 2009 à 11:27:23 CET par PtitePom

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